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Derma Roller 

*I have been derma rolling for years (face)..... It is amazing what it can do for your skin!



Efficient System for anti-aging scalp regeneration and collagen stimulation therapy. An additional
positive side effect of this treatment is the increased absorption capacity of the skin. After Micro
needling, the skin, through open channels, is much more receptive to products that can further
stimulate collagen formation and support the Micro needling effect. This combination produces
optimum results, not achievable with crème alone.


Please apply alcohol to the roller & nursing part for a proper sterilization.
Please apply the suitable Amani serum to the scalp, rolling back and forth 4-5 times.
Please roll more than four different directions.


about Amani:

Nazy Curtis, Founder
Nazy Curtis is a European-trained hair stylist and salon owner with over 27 years of
experience in the hair industry. She worked with famous hair stylists such as Frank Henrich,
Elliott Tumber and Juesepet Carnavale. She is an educator and speaker, who presents on
topics that relate to hair loss, hair replacement systems, surviving breast cancer, and more.
An accomplished individual, Curtis speaks four languages and works with oncologists and
plastic surgeons as relates to their patients who are suffering the devastating effects of hair
loss due to disease and other physical conditions.
Her extensive experience as a hairdresser combined with her personal victorious outcome
against her hair loss battle with Alopecia and Chemotherapy incited her to help people
experiencing hair loss. As the CEO and founder of Amani Hair she is personally responsible
for the designs, like our bestsellers – the Freehold Cap and T-Zone.
What makes Nazy special goes beyond the custom hair systems she creates for clients
experiencing hair loss due to disease or cancer treatment? Curtis has a very personal
understanding of the emotions tied not just to hair loss, but to physical conditions and
diseases that can cause hair loss.

Amani Derma Roller

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