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The commencement of my journey with hair loss dates back three years. It was an unforeseen consequence of surviving two profound life-altering events - a miscarriage and a bout of COVID-19 pneumonia - which befell me in rapid succession. As a Type 1 diabetic - a condition I share with two of my dear children, Grace and Riley - my health has always been on a delicate balance. Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, added an extra layer of complexity to my existence.

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Lisa Grace Wig Shop | Our Story

In my role as a Travel Registered Nurse, I found myself in an out-of-state hotel, convalescing after a prolonged illness. Suddenly, I was confronted by the shocking reality of considerable hair loss. A condition I was unprepared for and uncertain on how to confront. Amidst this personal crisis, my sixteen-year-old daughter Grace was my pillar of strength. Together, we navigated this unexpected territory, her presence at my side when I ventured into a local wig store.

        The excursion was an emotional rollercoaster - we shared laughter, tears, and I left the store donning a low-quality wig, which unfortunately, disintegrated after a mere two weeks of use. This incident marked the beginning of my transformative journey towards acceptance and inner peace, a path filled with trials of every wig variant imaginable. It wasn't until I discovered Human Hair wigs, and more specifically iWig solace cap, that I felt a sense of completeness in my journey.


        Throughout my life, I've always cherished my very long, thick, coarsely textured hair that held a curl with enviable resilience. However, when my hair began to fall out, Grace reshaped it into a pixie cut. Despite her best efforts, I found that I just didn't feel like myself with this new style. It felt unfamiliar and somehow less comfortable, as if a part of my identity had been altered along with my hair. 

The remarkable and courageous women I encountered on this path have not only provided comfort but have blossomed into genuine friendships that endure to this day. Their camaraderie has illuminated the truth that we are all co-travelers in this shared journey. It's pivotal that we extend our hands to one another, offering help and support as we navigate this path.

        My daughter Grace, now eighteen, continues to be a beacon of inspiration. Her wise counsel and candid opinions have been my compass during turbulent times. She is on the cusp of concluding her studies at Aveda hair school, with her passion keenly focused on hair color. She embraces every aspect of it, from highlights and lowlights to rooting and balayage. Grace is simultaneously undergoing an apprenticeship specializing in color. As she expands her skills, integrating Human Hair wigs into her area of expertise forms part of our shared vision.

        It is with deep humility and honor that I extend my assistance to others embarking on their hair loss journey, irrespective of its origins or their stage in life. I am also here for those who simply aspire to have the hair of their dreams. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, whether you wish to share thoughts, seek advice, or simply share a light-hearted moment. I am here to lend an ear and a comforting word. Sending you all my heartfelt wishes for serenity.

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