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Nancy D, Lisa Grace Wigs Customer

Nancy D.

As a women suffering from hair loss due to cancer and treatments, I began my wig wearing journey seven years ago. Lisa, from Lisa Grace wigs, understands what this journey is all about as well. Suffering from her own devastating medical and hair loss challenges, she knows exactly how debilitating hair loss can be to a persons self esteem and outlook on life. It's not just about the hair. Our hair represents a part of our identity and how we feel about ourselves. Not only is there is a lack of self confidence and isolation that comes with hair loss, there is embarrassment, and self consciousness. Lisa has helped me with my own personal journey by sharing her own experiences and personal expertise on this wig wearing pilgrimage. Finding just the right "fit" and what works for you in your wig wearing journey can be a very challenging and expensive endeavor. Lisa understands this and is so very knowledgeable in helping others find the best wig to suit their own personality. Lisa's extreme compassion, abundance of great energy, her giving personality and knowledge about wigs and the challenges of navigating hair loss are second to none. I highly recommend Lisa Grace if you are looking for any kind of support on this journey ~ you will not have to endure it alone. Thank you Lisa!

Nancy D

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