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An iWig, Wind, and Wine Adventure: Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2023

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

In the magical land of Epcot, during the Food and Wine Festival of 2023, a story unfolded. A story filled with gusty winds, cider flights, exotic tastes, and a brave wig named iWig. Here's the epic tale.

Act 1: The Windy Welcome

We embarked on our Epcot adventure on day #2 of the Food and Wine Festival. The weather, feeling theatrical, greeted us with 85 degrees and a humidity level that seemed to have missed the memo on the limit – it was 1000%!

As the wind swept in with a dramatic flair during the first hour, my iWig (the 16" longest version) decided to dance wildly. At that moment, I found myself contemplating a collection of shorter wigs for such unpredictable escapades.

Act 2: Culinary Conquests

With hair flying and appetites raging, we explored the culinary wonders of the festival. In Morocco, we indulged in cider flights paired perfectly with pistachio cake and hummus platters. The fusion of flavors was like an enchanting dance in our mouths.

Mexico, ever vibrant, presented us with a strawberry margarita that tasted like pure tamarind. While sipping the exotic concoction, I couldn't help but think Miss iWig might have enjoyed a taste as well!

Act 3: Family, Heat, and Memories

My parents joined us on this gastronomic adventure, proving they were as brave as any Epcot explorer. Together, we faced the heat, the sweat, and the bustling crowds.

Despite the challenges (and the mischievous wind), it was a day to remember, filled with laughter, flavors, and unbreakable bonds.

Conclusion: The iWig Triumph (Again!)

Miss iWig stood as the unsung hero of the day, passing the tests of wind, cider flights, and relentless sweat with flying colors.

So, here's to the adventures that nourish our souls and our palates. To family bonds that weather all storms. To wigs that laugh in the face of humidity.

Epcot 2023, you were a delight. Next time, though, I might just pack a shorter wig for those "crazy excursions."

Cheers to magical memories and the next wild adventure! 🍷🌎🎢

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