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The iWig Chronicles: Wind, Sangria, and 16 Flights of Stairs at WDW

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

It was a day to remember at Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World. We were set to dine at the Three Bridges Restaurant, but what followed was an adventure filled with wind, rain, a bit of Marilyn Monroe, and enough sangria to make you believe in fairy tales. Here's how my iWig (and I) survived the magical madness.

Act 1: Sangria and Storms

After indulging in perhaps a bit too much sangria (is there such a thing?), the sky decided to join the party. Out of nowhere, fierce winds and rain swept through, lasting for an entire hour.

The wind was so strong, my iWig started channeling its inner Marilyn Monroe, fluttering and blowing like that famous air-vent scene. It was comical, and all I needed was a white dress and a subway grate.

Act 2: The Grand Destino Tower Adventure

Post-storm, we ventured to the Grand Destino Tower. My hubby and two of our kids were feeling adventurous and decided to walk the 16 flights of stairs to get to the Dahlia Lounge.

As we made our way up the "cast members only" stairs, we felt a bit like Disney royalty. This was an area usually off-limits, and hoofing it up those 16 sets of stairs felt incredibly special.

The view from the top was nothing short of mesmerizing. Star Wars Galaxy Edge, Tower of Terror, all the highest sights of the park were there for us to behold. Breathtaking and beautiful.

Act 3: The iWig Triumph

After descending the tower, we made our way back to the car, my long iWig standing tall against what felt like 180% Florida humidity. Not to mention the rain we braved multiple times.

My iWig was more than just a hairpiece that day; it was a part of the adventure. It laughed with us, dined with us, and even did a Marilyn Monroe impersonation. All while staying fabulous.

Conclusion: Wigs, Wind, and Wonderful Memories

Our Coronado Springs escapade was one for the books, filled with family, fun, and a wig that refused to be anything but fabulous. Whether it was the sangria talking or the magic of Disney, we left with full hearts, full stomachs, and hair that looked like it just stepped out of a salon.

So here's to magical days, to iWigs that can survive anything (even Florida's weather), and to adventures that remind us why life is so beautiful.

Cheers to the next adventure! May it be as fabulous as my hair. 🍷🎢

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